The hinterland, the Axarquía, offers many excursion possibilities. Of course, a tour by car along the country roads is ideal, as the buses to the white villages only leave at long intervals. If you are good on foot, you can also get maps of the numerous hiking trails through the beautiful landscape at the tourist offices. The endless hills and mountains with their magnificent views are simply ideal for hiking. But be careful: always take enough drinking water with you! Easy tours (a few tours are described here) can be done by yourself. For all other tours, however, if you are not a "professional" hiker and do not have sufficient knowledge of the area, it is advisable to hire a hiking guide or take part in organised tours. The best time to hike is from October to April. The Rio Chillar hike can also be done without a guide.

Hiking routes suggestions

Route name (click on the name for more info)                                    Duration    Length             Difficulty
Moclinejo-Rincon-Moclinejo Rundtour                                                 8.30 h       29 km               medium
Moclinejo-Totalan-Malaga                                                                       5 h       15 km                easy
Rundgang durch eine Oase "El Tocal"                                                      2 h        3 km                medium
Von Maro zum Wachturm von Maro                                                       1.45 h        5 km               easy
Von Canillas de Aceituno auf den Maroma                                             7.30 h      18 km                 difficult
 From Puerto Blanquill to Cómpeta                                                       5.45 h      15 km                medium
  From Frigiliana to Cortijo del Imán                                                        6 h      22 km                difficult
     from Fuente del Esparto to Navachica                                                   7.30 h   14,5 km            sehr schwer 
       Tour Rio Verde                                                                                        4 h       13,6 km             very difficult

Rio Chillar

The 17 km long Rio Chillar is the only natural (undammed) river in the Axarquia that has water all year round. It rises at an altitude of about 1500m. It is a relatively easy hiking trail that leads through a river all the time. You need shoes that you can wear in the water (no leather shoes or flip-flops!). Weekends and holidays should be avoided as it can get crowded. It is a natural park (Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama). Therefore, you should behave accordingly (no litter, no fires!). You should also note that it is difficult for emergency services to access.
As it is a river walk, you should also take into account that you need the same time for the way back as for the way there and that you are back early for sunset.
After about 8 kilometres, the "Vado de Los Patos" is fed by a small waterfall and offers space for swimming.
The gorge "Los Cahorros" is the most spectacular part of the hike (after approx. 7 km). Suitable for children over 6 years old. It is the only summer hike possible in the Axarquia. For us it is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Axarquia, which also gives a little sense of adventure.
If it should rain (rare on the Costa del Sol), avoid a tour, as there is a risk of flooding...

Best season: March-November
Best start/end point: Nerja (Fabrica de luz o Saito Grande)
Tour time: approx. 6-8h

Rio Verde

In contrast to Rio Chillar, we recommend visiting Rio Verde with a professional guide.we did a 4h tour with https://canyoningmalaga.com. Most of our photos were also taken by them.

The entrance to Rio Verde is at a private finca behind Otivar near Almunecar, where you have to pay an entrance fee with your car (if you come as a private person, not in an organised tour).
It has crystal clear water from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada (Sierra de Almijara), waterfalls, many jumps up to 9m high, abseiling from 9m high, water walking and swimming. The variety makes it special. The hike is suitable for children from 9 years old.

Best season: June-September
Best start/end point: Otivar
Walking time: approx. 4-5h